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Whenever the need arises, you're always there to lend a hand, taking time away from your own busy schedule to make things better for someone else. You take pride in reaching out, in seeing other people smile. Your giving spirit brings out the best in all of us.

Thanks for lending a hand!

Since its inception, the Little Rock Foundation has depended on the time, talent and generosity of a compassionate force of volunteers to assist at various levels throughout the year, we encourage you to get involved and make a difference in the life of a blind or visually impaired child.

Volunteer Story - Santina Renzi

Photo of Santina Renzi with camper"Being a counselor at Camp Little Rock for the past five summers has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had, and I struggle to find words to accurately describe what it means to me. It is easy to see how much the camp means to the kids; to have a hand in creating something so special and so magical for them keeps me coming back for more each year. The joy on the campers' faces throughout the entire week is unmistakable and I find myself absorbing that emotion. It reflects into my own joy and fulfillment when I leave camp knowing that I helped provide the campers with an experience of a lifetime."


1. Why would you recommend students volunteer their time at Camp Little Rock?

I would recommend students to volunteer at Camp Little Rock because it is the perfect way to directly make a huge impact in someone else's life. I truly believe one of the most fulfilling things in life is brightening someone else's, especially those who might be less fortunate that yourself. It is truly amazing how much of a lasting impression the kids can take away from camp after just one week. And I also can honestly say that interacting with the campers throughout the week and the week's activity is so much fun! So many big personalities among the campers keeps me constantly laughing and having a good time.

2. By volunteering at Camp Little Rock, how has the experience changed you and your outlook on life?

Camp has helped me really step back and look at life from a totally different vantage point. I have learned to love much more than I did before I began volunteering. I now see people with disabilities as equals, not as people who should be denied opportunities or friendship or respect. Not everyone has had the honor of getting to know someone with disabilities but, to me, they are truly spectacular. And inspiring. Camp has inspired me to not take anything for granted and to not let any speed bumps in life stop me from pushing forward.

3. Share a story about your camper and what obstacles she has to over each day and how that effected you?

My camper for the past four years has been a young girl with cerebral palsy. She has trouble walking and performing most daily activities and is also visually impaired. Every single day I have spent with her over the past four years, however, she has never ceased to amaze me with her resilience, positive attitude, bravery, and her ability to love with all her heart. One memory that stands out in my mind is her performance at this past summer's talent show. Abigail informed me that she wanted to sing "You're Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera; come Wednesday night, Abby was under the spotlights singing "I am beautiful no matter what they say, no words can bring me down" in front of a crowd. I was...overwhelmed. Mustering the bravery to sing in front of a crowd is no small feat, and for this I was so proud of her; but the message in this particular song could not have been more perfect. Hearing Abigail sing those lyrics brought tears to my eyes and those of everyone in the audience, I'm sure. I was overcome by something I can't quite describe. Maybe because so few people have the courage to stand up and say 'I am beautiful,' while convincing everyone else of their own personal beauty as well. It made me realize just how strong Abigail and the other campers are. They face incredible difficulties that the average person does not, but still keep going, keep smiling, and most of all, remember that they are beautiful. Seeing my camper accomplish something so special was an eye-opening moment for me. If these kids can be bold and confident, I can be too.

4. Why is volunteering at Camp Little Rock so rewarding to you?

Camp Little Rock is so rewarding to me simply because very few things make me happier than bringing happiness into other people's lives. Taking time from the often self-centered, hectic life so many of us lead and stepping into the role of making someone else my priority is a feeling that is unparalleled. It's interesting: I have found that when we stop thinking about what we need to make ourselves happy and instead focus on bringing someone else that emotion, you instantly feel incredible satisfaction.

Volunteer Opportunities

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