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Photo of Mikayla on the boardwalkMikayla Gephart

Mikayla Gephart is a teenager who inspires most who meet her.  Her upbeat attitude is never ending with her beautiful smile.  She was born blind and has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, which means the nerve that sends the signal to the brain to see, is not there.  That does not stop her from enjoying life though, from roller-skating to swimming to riding a bicycle!  She wants to do it all.
She became acquainted with the Little Rock Foundation when she was 4 yrs. old.  It was the first spectacular Christmas Party they had, and from then on, the foundation became family.  When she was old enough to go to camp at 7 yrs., the fun really started.  Learning to canoe, fish, climb the wall, and just being with kids like her was the best.  Mikayla isn't the bravest camper there, but this past year, she really overcame some of her fears and tackled the 'flying squirrel'!  The friends she has made there over the years will be everlasting, especially the Fiorentinos.

Photo of Mikayla dressed as a witch for HalloweenTechnology has now become one of her favorite things to do, imagine that!  Since getting her IPhone4S, she seems to teach herself something new every day.  Her love of the French has her on her laptop looking up everything she can think of.  It started with her love of princesses and royalty, and just grew from there.

Mikayla is very active in fund-raising, clubs at school, such as the Choir, Student Council, and performs in a 'Lip Sync' event every year.  She is an A-B student who works very hard for those grades.  She aspires to be a teacher, knowing the need for good braille teachers.  Her love of children will also shine as she has told me she not only would like to have her own child, but plans to adopt also, as she is adopted and knows the importance of such an act of love.

Mikayla aspires to be a teacher.  She loves helping children and never lets the loss of her vision interfere with her dreams of fulfilling them.

My only wish for the world is that everyone had a 'Mikayla' in their life, as the joy she has brought is unbelievable.

Photo of Mikayla cookingPhoto of Mikayla on a trip