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Photo of Isabelle with flower hatIsabelle Nutt

Isabelle is in 3rd grade at Birches Elementary in Washington Township.  This is the first year she has been “mainstreamed”.  Prior to that she went to Overbrook School for the Blind for preschool up to and including kindergarten.  She then went to St. Lucy’s School for the Blind in Philadelphia for 1st and 2nd grade.

Isabelle has attended the Little Rock holiday party and loved it and looked forward to it each year.  

Photo of Isabelle and Whitney smilingAbout camp…Let’s face it…unfortunately, a lot of times people are afraid of the unknown…Blindness is a low incidence disability and it can be scary for people who don’t know much about it, never met a blind person let alone a blind child and there are a lot of stereotypes.   Camp Little Rock and the YMCA inclusion camp have been a God Send for us because a lot of camps have told us they can’t  or will not accommodate a blind child without an aide.   We don’t have the funds to provide an aide and we both work so it’s not possible to spend the summer with her.    Daycares are apprehensive too.    Camp has filled a giant void for breaking up the summer for Isabelle and giving her something she can do like “typical” kids.  At first we were nervous sending her to camp….new place, new people, new experiences, how is all this going to work? 

Well it works wonderfully!  Isabelle loves it!  She said her favorite things about camp are being with other kids, archery, swimming, the crafts and learning about nature.   She loves it!  She talks about camp throughout the year.  

Photo of Isabelle, Debbie, and Whitney painting at campPhoto of Isabelle laughing at camp