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Special Schools

Our outreach program gives back to the community by educating our future teachers, discussing the issues and concerns of teaching a child with little or no vision within the classroom.

The program informs teachers how to refine learning systems and techniques that will mainstream children into today’s complex society.  The foundation also purchases computers and software for schools of special education students, to ensure that children who are visually impaired or blind are exposed to the latest computer technology at an early age to maximize their chances for a better future.  Each of the following schools offers a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of your child.

Kingsway Learning Center – Services children ages 14 - 21

244 West Route 38
Moorestown, NJ  08057

Kingsway Learning Center – Services children ages 5-14

144 Kings Highway West
Haddonfield, NJ  08033
856-428-5330 Early Intervention Program

Overbrook School for the Blind

6333 Malvern Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19151


For general information about blindness, workshops and tours of Overbrook,
Contact Sandy Finkel, Outreach Coordinator at

St. John of God Community Services

1145 Delsea Drive
Westville Grove, NJ  08093


Kathleen Lynn – Principal
Jennifer Berringer – Early Intervention

St. Joseph’s School for the Blind

253 Baldwin Avenue
Jersey City, NJ  07306

St. Lucy’s School for the Blind

4251 L Street
Philadelphia, PA  19124
215-289-4229 (FAX)



Contact Person:  Sister M. Margaret Fleming, IHM Principal


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